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Civil Engineer Laboratory Manager


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Civil Engineering Laboratory Manager - Full - Time 
Full Job Description

FourTees (Engineer) Ltd has an opportunity for Laboratory Manager to join our team based in St Catherine. We are looking to employ a dedicated and experienced Lab Manager to perform various tests on soils, concrete, and asphalt and evaluate the contractor’s conformance with plans and specifications that engineers used to communicate their design consistent with our quality plan.

The key responsibilities include:
• Performing and coordinating testing operations
• Oversees the daily and long-term operations of the Laboratory's site operations.
• Ensures efficient operation of multiple laboratory sites and awareness of and compliance with regulations regarding testing and safety.
• Maintains and monitors all testing equipment necessary for site operations.
• Oversees experimental procedures, including setup, application of loads, instrumentation, data acquisition, analyses, and cleanup.
• Identifies needs, researches, and procures laboratory equipment as needed.
• Maintains and supervises general working order of lab equipment, including repairs and calibration.
• Establishes and implements proper specimen handling, disposal, and storage processes and procedures.
• Manages the supply inventory, procurement, access to laboratories, labeling, and record-keeping procedures.
• Organizes and maintains quality and safety training documentation for all laboratories.
• Performs other work-related duties as assigned. The omission of specific duties does not preclude assigning tasks logically related to the position.

Minimum Qualifications:
Qualified candidates will hold a BEng/BS in a related discipline or higher in a relevant study area. The degree must be conferred by the start date of the position.
Additional Required Licenses/Certifications/Posting Specific Minimum Qualifications:
Capable of fulfilling the physical demands necessary to perform the following tasks successfully:
• Working knowledge of lab equipment such as densometer, master loader, pumps, and furnaces.
• Working knowledge and experience using data acquisition and data processing software.
• Write detailed reports to employers and clients to describe materials, quality of the work observed, performance, and non-compliance.
• An effective LM technician is also an effective communicator. They must understand each person’s role on the project clearly and accurately report the status and quality of the project to all necessary parties.
• An LM technician must be able to give feedback to owners, developers, general and subcontractors, and geotechnical and civil engineers so they can help with the production, progress, and overall safety and compliance of a positive project.
• Valid Driver's License
• Flexibility to work evenings and on weekends as needed.


Computer skills: MS Office, iPad OS, Windows OS.

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