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About Us

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Four Tees Engineers Ltd. is committed to delivering accurate and timely services. We strive to increase satisfaction in our daily operations by giving individual attention to our customer’s needs. By using this as a basis for our goals, we can gradually reach our ultimate goal of ensuring quality in the industry. Our staff strives to maintain a high level of expertise in our laboratory operations and customer relations, enabling us to be more approachable, accessible, and efficient. By involving our staff in the quality management system, we can review our system, enabling constant improvement.


We also adhere to standards set out in the American Standard for Testing and Material (ASTM), American Association for State Highways and Transport Officials (AASHTO), and the British Standards concerning our technical requirements. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has also set out specific requirements and criteria for a management system that is more efficient and effective. The ISO 9001:2008 is a systematic and planned approach in which activities are carefully designed to ensure more accuracy, quality assurance, and optimum production facilities.


As part of the Quality Assurance Policy, we will:

  • Review and evaluate operating procedures

  • Take into consideration recommendations made by customers

  • Bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and work expediency

  • Encourage client-staff interactions



Government Agencies 

NWA, JSIF, Housing Trust, and Housing Agency

Private Developers

Rite Solutions, Gore Development, and China Harbour


Construction Solutions, and Surrey Paving


Civil Engineers, and Structural Engineers Project Managers

Plants and Factories  

Asphalt Plants, Concrete Plants and Block Factories

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